Is storytelling still a part of being human, a significant part of our culture, or is it something that is just in the past? How has it changed? Does it still address the fundamental issues that humans face? Give examples of stories that you think have deep meaning for us, and discuss what’s behind it.


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  1. michael t

    Storytelling will always be a part of human culture. Sure their are stories that are centuries old but their are also new ones being made everyday. Children stories for example might not be the same as the story of Noah’s Ark but they are still stories developed by authors and have some meaning to them. I think stories these days are more for interest or entertainment unlike older myths that try to explain the meaning of creation or how the earth was formed.

    • zarina1

      Good point, but are some story lines timeless and can be read at any time in history? If so what makes a story timeless?

  2. Paul Mata

    I dont think story telling has to do with being human. Its who your are, if your a story teller and you have alot of stories than of course your going to spread the word. But if your the tyoer of person who really doesnt have a care in the world about stories and myths then thats just the type of person you are. You dont have to be human to tell a story, animals give lots of stories and they cant even talk. Just the background behind them is whats so interesting.

    • zarina1

      Even if your not a story teller, can you still have a story that can be shared with others? If so, what would these stories look like?

  3. christopher blancarte

    i think storytelling is still a big of humans. in the beging of time sortytelling is how they pasted the times and to entertain there self . its a big culture all are history comes from storytellers. if there where never any storytellers to tell storys we would have no idea of are past as humans. storytelling has changed a bit because we now have the power to save a better record storys to tell future mankind. im not a big reader but i think all storys can speack to people in diffrent way it all depends on the person.

    • zarina1

      You might want to take a second, next time to read over your post because it seems to have some mistakes. How do you think people tell stories today and how will our stories be interpreted in the future?

  4. Kyle Tudor

    I believe storytelling will never die, it is embedded in our culture as long as we have been able to tell stories. Most stories are what we hear when we are children give basic fundamentals that we need to better ourselves in life. I think a good example would be the story of goldilocks and the three bears, now I know most people have heard the average story about the little girl breaking and entering an innocent bears house and ending up having a good time with them. The original story is one that was used to make children scared of robbing a persons house, it was about an old vagrant woman who wanted to get out of the cold and broke into a house, the end result of this was that she was drowned, burned, and impaled on a church steeple. Would this story told to children stop them from trying to break into peoples’ houses? Possibly but we modernized the story and made it have a happy ending to breaking and entering.

    • karenlieneke

      So what would you say are the ramifications of putting a happy face on breaking and entering?! Why the transition from grim, cautionary tale to entertainment?

      • Kyle Tudor

        I think it has to deal with the growing thoughts that children should be coddled and kept safe and that a tale with good meaning is turned into some Disney-like story. I say Disney because they change so many good stories into children ones that are worse than the orginal stories.

  5. adrian galvez

    Stories have always been told for the history, funyy stories, or just stories that we all say from what happen to us or something that you seen that was intresting or funny. Humans have told stories since cavemen have carved their day to day experience on how they lived and the tools they learned to make for their survival.

  6. Brandon

    To me story telling is a big part of our culture today and always has been a big part of our culture. Story telling is essential in order to understand other peoples thinking and what they have been through. Story telling if anything has gotten more developed and has evolved from person to person as we face life. We face many things everyday as humans and story telling helps describe what we have been through and what we have done. Love stories are great examples of true stories that actually take place in real life and it shows that past expiereince helps explain stories alot better.

    • karenlieneke

      Do the love stories, say, that are shown in film, reflect the reality of real romantic relationships? How?

  7. Isette Valdivia

    I think since our culture has changed to a one that surronds around technology so has our way of telling stories first it was from word of mouth, to books, and now to movies, and tv shows. In many instances it still portrays what we dress as a human in this world. For example, our current generation of up and coming adults put importance to childhood stories from disney movies like Ariel, Cinderella, A Bug’s Life, or Arestercats of course they all have more a happy end to them to be more politically correct to a certain extent. But ehy remind of us morals and ideals like keep going, if your a good person you get what you deserve, and stufflike that. Of course theyre just re-told stories of fables and myths with more unhappy endings.

    • karenlieneke

      Do you think emerging technology, like endless internet access, bring the elements of story bring us closer together as humans, or does it maybe lend itself to dehumanizing?

  8. Monique Elenes

    I do believe storytellimg is a part of being human,Everyone has a story to tell! It is too a significant part of our culture because it tells where we come from as individuals and why is it we are the way we are,because of our HIstory! Storytelling has changed ,in way of expanding the meaning of telling a story. Storytelling can be written,it can be drawn,and it can be perfomed through acting or singing,and in a variety of other ways.

  9. Daniel Gomez

    I think that storytelling is still around, its just as time has gone the way of telling the story has altered with the way people go about things, for an example people many people go the movies more often than reading a book or listening to an audio tape.

    • karenlieneke

      Think about those early storytellers, gathered around the fire, sharing news of more distant places. Do you think our current storytelling methods bring us together in a meaningful way?

  10. Ben E.

    Storytelling is still a part of our culture, although it has taken a different form. Most stories today are told mopre for entertainment, from peoples imaginations. Unlike back then when they had a deeper meaning, from religion to the daily struggles of survival. While some stories are made with a deeper meaning in mind, most are made for pure entertainment. Stories often come with a moral or meaning.

    • karenlieneke

      There’s a reason nearly all major religions use story as a major element. Do you see that same use show up anywhere else today?

  11. Eman

    Storytelling obviously isn’t going anywhere because if it disappears, so does humanity;literally and figuratively. If people stop telling stories their history will disappear and we will forget about them. Humans are also social beings by nature, they feel the need to talk and communicate to each other. Anything you say or narrate about events in your life is telling a story. Storytelling now is actually growing and taking on new forms. Now we have films, songs, art, and literature. Everything tells a story

  12. carsen cada

    Stories are definitely still being told today and i don’t think people will ever stop. They are a significant part of our culture, not only do they entertain but they paint a picture of history, and some even have morals tied into them. Stories have changed, there are many types of them and they take different forms. Like Eman said there is films, songs, art, and literature.

  13. karenlieneke

    Who are the storytellers today? Are their motives the same?

  14. Sarah L

    I think storytelling is very much alive, and I believe it still shows examples of every aspect of humanity that we could ever think of. This is because I read comics, and as an active comic book reader (and writer) I can say that it is a form of storytelling that is oftenly drastically overlooked.
    I’m not talking about superhero comics either, though they could be considered a decent example if you look for the right ones. I’m talking about real, legitamate novels written in a graphic style. (i.e., graphic novels, duh.) And some examples of these that I would be happy to share with the class are
    the Sandman comics written by Neil Gaiman. They are beautifuly written stories about real human emotions and struggles narrated from the viewpoint of the supernatural beings known as the endless. For anyone who has not ever heard or read it, I highly recommend it. Sometimes it gets kind of weird, but for the most part it is an incredible series.

  15. Ricardo Ramos

    Storytelling is something we’ve been doing through century’s far back. Story telling can give moral significance. It can teach kids what others have mistakenly done already to learn from it. It helps people get through the harsh times and lifts peoples spirits through low and high. Even a funny story can lift someones day.

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